Electronic Sheep now stocked at Cait & I

London Fashion Week knitwear brand, Electronic Sheep is now available for purchase at Cait & I. The new Irish retailer stocks a carefully curated range of goods states: “The emphasis is on quality and individuality. We are delighted to be stocking makers who are the forefront of design including Electronic Sheep.”

Select pieces from Electronic Sheep’s Doll House collection will be available including the ‘Doll Face’ supersoft sweater, the ‘Doll House’ skirt, the ‘Curl & Style’ triangle scarf peopled with mannequin heads, the ‘Pangram’ hooded scarf with suede appliqué and the ‘Cowboys and Knitted Indians’ fringed poncho

Electronic Sheep says, “We’re stocked all over the globe from Europe to Japan, and we’re always especially excited when we can be in a new Irish boutique since the brand was conceived in Dublin!”